How To Apply

Watch our video tutorials below to learn just how easy and fast it is to DIY your gel manicure with Le Mini Macaron!

And did you know our adorable lamp is ALSO amazingly multi-functional? Just pop the magnetic top off and flip it around to DIY your gel pedicure!

Transform your gel manicure into a holographic effect colours!

Kitticorn Magic – Holographic Manicure Set Chrome nails just got a magical makeover in Le Mini Macaron’s Kitticorn Magic set! Get a silvery holographic effect that also takes on a subtle hint of whatever base color you use underneath. It’s purr-fectly magical! What are you waiting for? Try it right meow!

And don’t forget to check out our Extra Tips page for our tried and true tips and tricks for the best application and longest staying power of our uniquely formulated 1-step gel!

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